Safety is paramount at this year’s Coca Cola Games says Coca-Cola Amatil Fiji marketing manager, Lawrence Tikaram.

“I must commend the Fiji Police Force, for the support background work that they’ve been providing for the past couple of weeks; I have been informed also by them that they will be at the grounds to maintain peace and safety of the public,” says Tikaram.

“We would like to kindly advice all supporters, all teachers, parents, students and athletes that safety is everyone’s responsibility.”

Tikaram adds saying that the ANZ National Stadium would be a fun filled atmosphere in the next three days.

“In terms of preparations, I do believe that all athletes have given their best,” he says.

“I just want the people of Fiji to come and support their sons and daughters; this is the moment of truth for all athletes starting from tomorrow.

“This is also the biggest sporting event in the South Pacific and the biggest secondary school sports event in the world, and everyone’s support towards this year’s Coke Games is vital.”

The 2019 Coca Cola Games will see over 2500 athletes from over 150 secondary schools in Fiji converge at the ANZ National Stadium tomorrow morning.


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