Damascus, SANA – Syrian-Russian Coordination Authorities said in a joint statement that the humanitarian situation in al-Rukban Camp is catastrophic as it is deteriorating due to the criminal situation caused by the terrorists’ atrocities with a US support.
“Smuggling of weapons and the flourishing of human trafficking are worsening the situation of those displaced making their lives unbearable,” the statement added.

The official statistics of the United Nations show that more than 95% of the Camps occupants wish to depart, as 80% of them are looking forwards for a prompt departure towards their original areas under the umbrella of the Syrian government while some 10% wish to head to areas not of their origin but controlled by the Syrian government.

The two authorities hoped that the humanitarian aid to be given to Syria would not be politicized as to allocate some of it for restoring the normal life to all the Syrian territories, including the areas where the al-Rukban detainees come from.
Rasha Milhem

Fonte: https://sana.sy/en/?p=160898

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