Dozens of students from public and private schools on Majuro joined in the Education Week math competition that was held at the ICC. Photo: Kelly Lorennij.

The results of the second Jiai Bonbon math competition placed Delap Elementary and Coop schools at the top in overall scores for primary and secondary categories, respectively.

This year students in grades three and higher competed as a group rather than individually. Last year’s champion Long Island Elementary placed first in the grade four division. In the grade five division four schools tied for first place – Laura Elementary, Coop, Assumption, and Majuro Baptist Christian Academy. Coop and Assumption tied again in the grade six division.

In the seventh and eighth grade group competition, Coop came out on top while LHS took first in the ninth grade competition. Delap SDA ranked first in the 11th grade division, and in the final group competition Coop and MBCA seniors tied for first place.


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